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18 Oct 2012

Gillard Can't Walk But Wants To Sell Uranium To India


Why can't we have a Prime Minister that doesn't grovel?

Representing Australia by kissing the ground in India. We believe she used union funds to buy a property for one of her boyfriends. She's tried to please the unions by ramming a pulp mill down our throats. She wants to contaminate the planet with Australian uranium. She also has difficulty walking. We don't think the Liberals are any better either. We have two competing crime syndicates battling for which psychopath will be Australia's Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Would be good if Gillard stayed in quarantine before coming back to Australia:

India is home to some of the World's worst superbug creating agents that can mutate one's own bacteria strains into antibiotic resistant killers for which modern medicine's only defence is amputation of affected body parts.

Don't want that sort of stuff around here.

Anonymous said...

Gillard & Abbott are both scum but I'd say at least in the case of Abbott, you see that he's scum. Gillard is a slippery one as Wilkie, in amongst his alleged Duntroon-days Hitler salute coercion of fresher recruits, has found.

Is Wilkie scum & how would you test if that is so? Would he support policy that is the right thing to do but electorally unpopular in Denison? Maybe would he speak out against Labor pork-barrelling in Denison that occurs at the expense of northern Tasmanians?

Anonymous said...

The question is, was Gillard's stumble actually a premeditated staged affair? After all, did it make her look more vulnerable and human as would help to endear her to the Australian public especially set against an opposition leader who many women instinctively dislike for being aggressive.

Remember that Gillard has very bright spin doctors in her employ. The stumble certainly didn't impact on her ratings in the Australian polls. As for what her Indian hosts thought, one doubts Gillard would have given a stuff and nor would I in her position. Ratings in the polls at home are what Gillard almost certainly would have been hypersensitive about in the preceding several months. Labor is now drawing level with the Liberals at a federal level. So hats off to Ms Gillard's spin doctor team. They certainly seem to be worth to Labor, every cent of our money that she has paid to them.