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19 Sept 2012

The Randomised Auto-Restructure Of Forestry Tasmania

Bryan Green not in the drivers seat
August 29 2012 - In response to a report by URS, Lara Giddings announces Forestry Tasmania will become a 'standalone corporate entity responsible for wood production'. Really? The management of reserves will be taken over by another agency. On the same day Labor heavyweight Dick Adams threatens to leave the party over the breakup of Forestry Tasmania, claiming the government had 'jumped the gun' and should have waited for the Intergovernmental Agreement to conclude. Meanwhile, most of the industry groups walk out of the Intergovernmental Agreement, led by Terry Edwards, due to the breaking-up of FT. Call this a 'Catch 22' moment for Dick Adams and Terry Edwards,
September 12 2012 - Greens leader Nick McKim says he is 'prepared to consider a new independent statutory body to manage Tasmania’s production native forest estate'.
September 17 2012 - Forestry Tasmania incoming chairman Miles Hampton quits the board saying the government has 'no intention of establishing a viable forestry business'.
September 18 2012 Greens leader McKim says he now supports giving Forestry Tasmania another $20 million for reserve maintenance and firefighting, and its "not inconsistent'' with his previous stance. So many interdependent variables and permutations on the continuing incompetence. One thing is obvious, nobody is in the drivers seat of this Forestry Tasmania restructure.

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