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27 Aug 2012

The Greens Fatal Mistake

The Greens chose to ignore this.
You would have to conclude that the biggest mistake the Greens ever made was to align themselves with Labor. They didn't have to. They are not socialists and the ALP are not either. The ALP don't actually believe in anything anymore so why would you support them in government? As a result, the electability of the Greens has plummeted along with the ALP. How stupid is that? Notice also that the big loser is the environment? If the environment was a core issue for the Greens (and it's not) then why didn't they steer a middle course? They were advised to hold the middle ground but they were more concerned with political power. Maybe they believed their own hype that they had become a major party? Take the 'gay rights' issue? I would say there are more closet gays in the Liberal party than any other and yet the Liberals have been able to manufacture a tsunami of hate against the Greens. So have Labor for that matter. There was no logical reason to meld gay rights and environmental rights into a 'one stop shop' party that could become the 'whipping boy' for the rest of the political landscape. The environment is more important because it's a life or death issue for the human race and gay rights is often just a symptom of hormone-mimicking chemical pollutants anyway. The Greens can't tell whats an important issue and whats not. Thats why we need a new environmental party in Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Green MHAs should have agreed to support Labor like the federal independents, but should never have accepted Cabinet positions. They should have retained conscience votes on all but the budget, just like the federal independents. The moment they colluded in Cabinet I knew that their credibility would be trashed, as it has been supporting the IGA from outside the table. From that moment of joining Cabinet, forest reform and environmental protection were finished. Options for better forest practices and quality output were forgotten. The Greens would indeed be trashed with Labor and the environment. Such is the illusion of power for pawns in the game.