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24 Aug 2012

Senator Urquhart And The Same-Sex Sausage Roll

Ann Urquhart cooking for the rank and nail-filers.
Inside Tasmania was listening to a senate broadcast this week and caught a speech by one of Tasmania's gaggle of 12 senators, the ALP's Senator Ann Urquhart. After years of shuttling back and forwards to Canberra on business class she actually gave a speech. She was rabbiting-on how Tasmania's same sex marriage laws could be an Australian first. She told a heart-wrenching story of a Tasmanian bloke that was married to a woman but thought he was really a woman himself. He eventually 'transitioned' to the opposite sex and after much soul searching found a new relationship....with a another woman. Unfortunately, because of Australia's somewhat unimaginative marriage laws she could not marry the new love of her life because they were both the same sex. Urquhart said the new Labor law would end all that. Hang on a minute Senator Urquhart you sausage roll? Didn't this person 'opt-in' to same sex marriage all by themselves? How many sexes are they on their birth certificate? How many sexes will they be on a Labor-Green marriage certificate? Can you change birth certificates retrospectively? What if they want to transition back again and get divorced? TTN is pretty open-minded but when these silly-sausages start wasting taxes pandering to people who are more preoccupied with themselves than with the rest of the planet then we are in big trouble. It's all there in Hansard isn't Senator Ann Urquhart?

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