20 Jul 2012

Graeme Wood Flies In To Celebrate The IGA Announcement With His Rich Mates

Not long now eh Graeme?
Look whose in Tassie for the big forest peace deal announcement? None other than millionaire tree plantation advocate Graeme Wood. As a founding member of Our Common Ground, Wood is seeing years of backroom deals from people like the West Brothers come to fruition. These millionaire playboys with their skin-deep grasp on reality don't mind dumping toxic, chemically dependent tree plantations into other peoples organic farming communities. Just ask Graeme's mate Professor Jonathan West, who seems more interested in tree DNA than in actual trees. Maybe even Rod West has come over from Bali to help celebrate sacrificing Tasmanian lives in this herbicide trade-off. Whose mansion will we be sipping champagne in chaps? Graeme Wood and Jonathan West know who has Australia's highest cancer rate and they don't seem to care if it goes higher. It's about time the lot of them were exposed. We live here full-time and we are sick of fly-in fly out playboys poisoning our island. Selective logging is the answer, not locking-up the forests and spreading cancerous tree plantations across our valleys. So why haven't you geniuses thought of it?

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Anonymous said...

No wonder he is funding the Falls Festival. The punters have to say somewhere and he cleans-up on the bookings through wotif. There is always a money trail with these guys. You don't get rich by caring about ordinary people. They are all in it for the money.