27 Jun 2012

The Problem With Tasmanian Times 2

3D web page visualisation using 'Tilt' on Mozilla Firefox.
Just days away from the end of the financial year and Tasmanian Times is running a 'top of page' story about the replacement of a toilet block. How very fucking Tasmanian? Is this some kind of decoy so readers forget there is only 3 weeks before the 2 year old 'forest peace deal' is forced to come to a conclusion? Today Paul Harriss accused Nick NcKim of 'peddling misinformation' about Nick's parallel universe commentary on the Tasmanian budget. McKim claimed that $110 million was set aside to 'wind-up' Forestry Tasmania but the rest of the government claim its to keep FT solvent. And this is the heart of the problem.  Why must Tasmanians endure this double-brain commentary on the state of the state from both components of the Labor-Green coalition? Why would anyone invest in Tasmania with this childish, parallel universe shit going down? It's time to put the truth back at the top of the page TT. 

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