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2 Jun 2012

Kim Booth Defends Phantom Forest Legislation

Kim Booth ready to vote for the unknown.
Kim Booth along with Bryan Green and Lara Giddings have defended introducing unfinished legislation into Tasmania's parliament. The 'forest peace deal' law is supposed to be introduced 'no later than 30 June 2012'. That was written into clause 30 of the 'Intergovernmental Agreement' signed by Gillard and Giddings at the Country Club Casino in August 2011. Clause 30 says "The Tasmanian Government will introduce legislation no later than 30 June 2012 into the Parliament to formally protect the areas of reserve in Clause 29 with appropriate land tenure." So according to Kim Booth he can vote to protect areas of reserve that have not even been defined and timber supply contracts that remain unknown. No wonder the Upper House is laughing at this rubbish. Are the Greens trying to sabotage their only strategy for saving forests since forming a coalition with Labor in 2010? Here we are in June 2012 with million$ already paid-out to Gunns, Forestry Tasmania and other businesses and the Greens and the envirocrats have not saved a single tree.

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Rastas said...

The greens lost all credibility when they were prepared to jump into bed with either faction of the lib/lab coalition. Now they have revealed their true agenda which is no different to all the parties, power at any cost. Even beyond the point of dropping their claimed policies and taking on the vested interest corporate elites agenda.

Now the greens have dropped everything and are accepting anything they are told to do with forestry policy, in this legislation all they've done is leave the door open so they can implement theirs and their lib/lab cohorts corrupt deception upon the people.