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20 Jun 2012

Greens Vote To Give Forestry Tasmania $110 Million

'Malfeasance as usual' - Kim Booth
Less than a year after agreeing to pay Gunns $25 million debt to Forestry Tasmania, the Tasmanian Greens have now voted to give Forestry Tasmania another $110 million. The $110 million for FT was part of the state budget which the Greens are committed to pass. The Greens are now truly entrenched in the scam of pouring public money into Forestry Tasmania's bottomless black hole. The Greens made some noises that the money would be used to wind-up FT but as the junior partner Lara and Bryan don't have to listen to them. They now know how to force the Greens to accept any payout to a Labor crony. Put it in the budget stupid! Nobody will be taking the Greens complaints about Forestry Tasmania seriously again given the Greens are well and truly part of the FT life support system. Kim Booth said he would vote against the government if he found 'gross malfeasance' but what we got was his support for incremental malfeasance that adds-up to a gross betrayal of everything the Greens ever stood for. Remember the Greens are still covering-up the legal advice underlying the $59 million payout to Gunns in 2011.


Ian Rist said...

Bunch of phonies, quislings to the core.
Thank goodness their one taste of glory will be their last.
They will be banished to the political wilderness next election.

Karl Stevens said...

Have to agree with you Ian. Could we get some independents into the House of Assembly do you think? Tasmanians seem to prefer parties over independents so in that case they need a law stopping political parties from forcing their members to vote along party lines. The party system is just totalitarianism masquerading as 'democracy'.