10 May 2012

The Problem With Tasmanian Times

Tas Times 3D Visualisation
Tasmanian Times is erratic and biased. As a 'community forum' we all have ownership of it as well. TT has always been a media unit for the Greens but they also get paid by the government to push anti-gambling propaganda. It doesn't take long for that TasInc revenue to become indispensable does it? 'TasInc' is an entire 'platform'. That's why Jim Bacon said 'it's bigger than all of us' on his deathbed. TasInc is an 'all of government' platform that extends from government house right across the public service and covers the whole fucking lot of them in a layer of corruption. It's party neutral so it flourishes regardless of which bunch of yokels wins an election. If you can accept that fact then you understand why party politics is meaningless in Tasmania. It doesn't matter who you vote for you still get crooks running the island. Back to Tasmanian Times. Notice all the 'same sex marriage' shit on TT that nobody ever responds to? Notice the intense debates that never go anywhere?
The little orchestrated flame wars that usually include some limp-dick media release by Nick McKim? The controlled debates about how the Greens sold out? Notice the corruption allegations that get spilled at TT like wine at a TT piss-up but nothing ever changes? The reason is because the Labor-Green coalition makes sure nothing changes in Tasmania because they are driving it. Every last bit of it from Forestry Tasmania to Lying Lara and the TasInc circus where criminals get paid to investigate criminals. TT is sitting on top of a heap of people who are all pissing in each others pockets. Independent media is more than just having 20,000 Facebook friends and being able to drink every Hobart pensioner under the table. Its about not being 'owned' and building a Tasmania that's more than just the Hobart public service town pecking order of up themselves intellectuals and pseudo-enviros. Talking of Facebook, who gives a shit about somebody who may stand in an election and who didn't like being referred to as having died in Afghanistan? And yet this was a big TT's scoop? Wake-up TT you may be fooling the fake intellectuals in public service town but there are also real people on this island with real minds. You've covered-up too many important stories and when you fail to inform Tasmanians then sites like this will.

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