3 May 2012

Tasmanian Times North Hits 10,000 Pageviews


We are not huge compared to other online media but its a start. We thought we would only run for awhile, but there is a need for online media in Tasmania that is courageous and willing to print what the others are too fucking gutless to touch. In our world good and evil are functions of each other and nothing is totally right or totally wrong. There is also good in everybody, and if years of living on this earth has taken it away then Tasmanian Times North can put some of it back. Bookmark us, add us to your favourites and check us out from time to time. We have already shaken-up the pathetic, corrupt, phuktards that make-up 'TasInc' and we haven't finished with the c*nts yet.
We are not here to replace the Labor-Green apparatchiks with the Liberal apparatchiks, but that doesn't mean letting them get away with murder while they are in office. And yes, we mean 'murder'. For example. Why are Gunns allowed to poison people with dioxins by the Chief Scientist but James Hardie are not allowed to poison people with asbestos? What's the fucking difference Tony Burke, Peter Garrett, Simon Crean, Bill Kelty and the rest of you lobotomised soft c0cks? Just how many people are the Labor-Greens prepared to kill before its a concern for them? Why are there 'epidemics' of early-onset Parkinsons as well as food allergies and Asperger's Syndrome in children? Wouldn't have anything to do with all the chemicals the government shits into the environment would it?

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