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7 May 2012

Simon Crean Attacked Kevin Rudd But Not Craig Thomson

Australias worst politician?
If you think back to the Labor blood-letting in February 2012 you will recall the vicious smear-campaign orchestrated by the little weasel Simon Crean against Kevin Rudd. All Kevin Rudd was doing was being Australia's foreign affairs minister while low-life Crean was acting-out some paranoid ALP suicide fantasy. Crean and his Labor thugs had already deposed of Rudd once so why did Crean have to live-out his  defective mental processes all over again in the Australian media? All the while Crean was stony silent about Craig Thomson. The guy alleged to have blown his unions funds on hookers was OK with you wasn't he Crean? Simon Crean and his corrupt, gutter-crawling mates are a threat to the fabric of our society. Those words were written by a life long Labor voter as well. It's time we saw the last of the Crean dynasty in Australian Federal politics.

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Katherine (KR4PM) said...

My goodness, someone who agrees with me and every member of our Fb page - 'Kevin Rudd for Prime Minister'. I am a paid up member who unless Kevin is returned will not be renewing or voting for them. The actions of Julia breaking the gag order for those that wanted to publicly vilify another member of their own party is a black smear in Labor history. Julia, Crean, Swan, Roxon, Burke, Shorten & others, behaved like school children, lets all get Kevin and call him names. They are parliamentary ministers for gods sake, its hard work, get over it. Kevin admitted he had made mistakes, has anyone else, no, he gets crucified over & over again....disgusting! Those people involved all need to lose their positions for this disgusting behavior. This is not the behavior of the ALP, since Kevin was ousted in 2010, Labor has been on a downward spiral to oblivion. They make excuse after excuse, but they cant get away from the fact that before the coup, Labor was leading, and had the respect of the people - what has it got now....? Maybe not Kevin!