16 May 2012

Professor Jonathan West's Brother Is Environment Tasmania's Landlord

Jonathon's brother Rod West
Lets not let a future Labor government unleash the idiocy of the Tasmanian Forests Agreement again. 

It's a closely-kept secret that Professor Jonathan West has a brother. That brother is Roderick West.  Rod West happens to be a founding member of Our Common Ground. Rod West also happens to be Environment Tasmania's landlord at 100 Elizabeth Street Hobart. 'So what'? I hear you ask. Environment Tasmania just happen to be part of the 'Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement' (TFIGA). Jonathan West just happens to be chairman of the Independent Verification Group of the TFIGA. Environment Tasmania has member groups and one of those groups is the Wilderness Society. The Wilderness Society just happen to be a party to the same TFIGA. It gets worse. One of Our Common Grounds members is Phill Pullinger who just happens to represent Environment Tasmania in the TFIGA. Another Our Common Ground member is millionaire Graeme Wood. He just happens to own the Triabunna wood chip mill that just happens to be part of the TFIGA deal for some inexplicable reason.

Our Common Ground appears to be a millionaires' club with almost no comprehension of what's best for Tasmania. Graeme Wood has poured $2 million into the Menzies Research Institute who carry-out cancer research. So why is Graeme Wood promoting cancer-producing, chemically dependent tree plantations? In case you hadn't guessed, Jonathan West just happens to be on the board of the Menzies Research Institute. Jonathan West's interests in genetically modified crops, which include tree plantations, is potentially extremely dangerous for Tasmania and the world.  Jonathan West appears to be engaged in unethical conduct by promoting GMO crops to politicians with very low IQs, while failing to declare he is a board-member of the GMO company Hexima. Is Professor West an 'academic' a 'business man' a 'politician' or all of the above? Jonathan West has links stretching back 25 years as an advisor to ALP government ministers. He just happened to have been the head of the Wilderness Society himself and just happens to advise Simon Crean along with Bill Kelty, both of whom just happen to have been ring-ins to the TFIGA.

Our Common Ground held an event called 'Tas Economy Forum'. (video  removed from YouTube). Why didn't Rod West tell the audience that his own brother was on the panel? Why didn't Jonathan inform us his brother founded Our Common Ground? The Canberra-born West brothers appear to only have financial interests in Tasmania. Jonathan may only be here so he can turn Tasmania into a 'Frankenstein food laboratory'. If Jonathan West likes GMO's so much why does he live in a GM-free zone like Tasmania? Does Jonathan West seriously believe that billions of years of evolution failed to perfect most organisms except himself? Does Jonathan West believe he is perfect or does he think he also needs to be genetically modified?  We believe the West brothers are extremely dangerous due to their secrecy and arrogance. If they think this is about trees they are wrong. This is about the future of the human race. Professor Jonathan West is going to be formally asked to leave Tasmania.

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