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12 May 2012

Howes - James Hardie Can't Kill Australians But Gunns Can

Only wants industries that KILL AUSTRALIANS - Paul Howes
Look at the Julia Gillard fanboy Paul Howes? He was outraged when James Hardie Industries killed Australians with asbestos but he's happy for Gunns to kill them with dioxins. Howes can't see anything wrong with poisoning the worlds largest abalone fishery with carcinogenic dioxins from Gunns criminally-assessed pulp mill. Doesn't that make Paul Howes a common terrorist and a psychopath? Paul Howes is the reason the ALP brand is SHIT in Australia. OK Paul Howes, how about YOU paying for all of the medical and funeral costs out of YOUR wages for a change because we have had it to here with corrupt union maggots. Do you also spend the AWU's funds in brothels? Just fuck-off back to where you came from Paul Howes you trade union half-wit. BTW get a better Prime Minister next time you back-stab a democratically elected Australian Prime Minister. WRITTEN BY A LIFELONG LABOR VOTER.

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