13 Apr 2012

Too Hard To Get Re-Elected. Bob Brown Gone

End of an era. Brown gone.
The leader of an Australian political party resigns while holding the balance of power to do more housework? Yeah sure.

Party polling would have told Brown that he would struggle to get re-elected in 2013. A swing to the right, a recession that Brown and Rudd were supposed to have prevented and the ongoing mistake of hitching the Green wagon to a party that tore itself apart in early 2012. If the Greens as a political brand is so well defined then why do they have to ride on Labors coat tails? A simple phrase like 'cutting Green tape' goes along way with the 'great unwashed'.

Bob Brown was a politician of contradictions. Probably too many for the average Aussie punter. Anybody that has ever been to the 'gay and lesbian mardi gras' knows it has nothing to do with the environment. And the environment has almost no connection to the 'gay rights' movement. Brown embodied these contradictions and where the Greens go from here will be very interesting. They were hopeless under Brown and they could get worse. Even so, we need strong environmentalists everywhere right now.

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