29 Mar 2012

GM Food Fanatic Jonathan West Endorses Corrupt Pulp Mill

This guy could be a threat to the human race.
The Greens and The Wilderness Society have embraced the work of Jonathan West who just happens to benefit financially from genetically-modified foods or 'Frankenstein Foods' as they are called. West is on the board of Hexima Australia's own 'Monsanto'. In fact Hexima licensed their GM wheat product to Monsanto. No wonder West supports a pulp mill and mining in high conservation forests, because he is also on the board of a major supplier to the mining industry.

If you wondered who appointed Jonathan West to the SOP-IGA process then look no further than pulp mill zealot Simon Crean. West is an advisor to Simon Crean
Lets see the job advertisement eh Simon Crean?
Jonathan West could also be trying to shut-down the Tamar Valley olive industry to assist his massive Murray Valley olive production company, apparently the worlds largest producer.

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