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9 Feb 2012

The Chandlers. Money Laundering. Organised Crime. The Russian Mafia And A 'Mens Club' In Thailand?

'Uruwhenua' is Maori for 'passport'
Article based on work by Robert Eringer. His original material is no longer available online.

To quote Gunns Greg L'Estrange 'people around the world know Richard Chandler Corporation by reputation. They have a high governance and ethical standard'. Yet according to journalist Robert Eringer companies controlled by the Chandler brothers were thrown out of Switzerland, Monaco and Dubai for money laundering, operating a bank without a license and running an unregistered commodity trading company. According to the London-based investigative journalist Eringer, Richard Chandler is an investor in Gazprom and to quote Eringer's own words "Richard Chandler, a Monaco resident from New Zealand, is listed in Monaco's police files as "holding a significant portion of capital of companies related to Russians connected to organized crime, and laundering money in relation to such." Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings says Tasmania is 'open for business'. Do we want  'bottom of the barrel' companies like the 'Richard Chandler Corporation' with its alleged money laundering activities exploiting Tasmania? Is this desperation what she calls 'open for business'?
Can Lara Giddings confirm if 'Richard Chandler Corporation' owns a 'gentleman's resort' club' in Thailand and if it employs child workers? Can Giddings confirm if the Swiss, French and Dubai police authorities have dossiers on the Chandlers and have blocked their residency status?
It's not only Robert Eringer that has reported the Chandlers money-laundering activities but Dow Jones Newswires backs-up some of Eringers claims. If the FBI-trained Eringers statements are incorrect then why has a billionaire with an entire legal team permitted them to remain online for years? Eringer infiltrated the Chandlers operations and he must have hard evidence that the Chandlers know they cannot refute in court.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Chandler will be right at home in Tasmania.....who knows, if he gets lucky the Tassie parliament might even allow his lawyers write helpful legislation and pass it in a specially convened midnight sitting. We don't have 'Tasmania: Explore the possibilities' on our numberplates for nothing