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8 Feb 2012

L'Estrange Ontrack For $1 Million Bonus

Gunns L'Estrange
Noosa chardonnay-sipping Greg L'Estrange looks set for his 2012 bonus after cleaning-out Gunns dumb-assed shareholders of $1.2 million in 2011. His leg-up to the billionaires club came from part Croatian New Zealander Richard Chandler and his Kublai Khan-inspired Chandler Corporation. He also owns a Chinese-Canadian outfit called Sino-Forest. He has decided to piss $150 million into Gunns septic tank. Remember this is a tiny fraction of the $2,500 million these maggots need to pollute Bass Strait. Chandler would know that Canadian pulp mills are going broke so you know this move has nothing to do with making pulp. The war goes on in the Tamar Valley because we think these maggots should build the worlds biggest pulp mill in Noosa Queensland, New Zealand or Singapore. Then they can make the worlds most expensive pulp and go back down to the sewer where they came from. Congratulations to Tasmania's Wilderness Society for providing bridging finance to keep Gunn afloat in 2011. Good work hypocrite losers!

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