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8 Feb 2012

Half-Croation With A Health Company Wants To Poison Bass Strait?

Is this the Caucasian face of Chinese money?
Half-Croation New Zealander Richard Chandler has been kicked-out of Dubai, Monaco and Switzerland according to reputable journalist Robert Eringer. Chandler owns a health care company yet wants Gunns to dump 64,000 tonnes of dioxin-contaminated sewage in Australias best fishery every day? Unbelievable, but then so is Chandlers close links to Vladimir Putin, Gazprom and according to Eringer, organised crime. This is our home you arrogant foreigner and we are prepared to defend it. The Australian Government must block black investments from questionable companies that have been stopped from trading in other developed countries. Companies like the Richard Chandler Corporation. If Chandler thinks he can exploit the Tamar Valley after 8 years of Gunns devaluing our properties and wrecking our lives he has another thing coming. This Chandler even thinks he's Kublai Khan . What a joke? If Chandler thinks he's going to poison Australians and then charge them for healthcare then it's not surprising he is investing in Gunns. Looks like Gunns has gone from 'insider trading' to 'money-laundering' or maybe they are still in the insider trading game. After all the whole board knew what was happening and chose to ignore it.

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