23 Feb 2012

Bob Brown Represents 0.18% Of The Australian Electorate

No wonder Bob is smiling
Bob Brown told The Australian the Greens support Julia Gillard as Prime Minister. It's no surprise the Greens are involved in the ALP power struggle because the Greens are essentially a faction of the ALP. Shouldn't the Greens be calling for an Australian Prime Minister elected by Australians rather than faceless goons? The fact Gillard has close links to the logging industry and is supported by the logging unions doesn't matter in this marriage of convenience. You see Brown knows that he represents an electorate of 0.18% of Australia. Without deals the Greens are nowhere. By exploiting a 'balance of power' and maintaining a compliant leader they achieve much more than their electoral mandate permits. The fact they have 5 senators means next to nothing because the Senate is not elected democratically but on a 19th century union of 6 colonies. Brown is one of 12 Tasmanian senators representing only half a million people. Think of Bob Browns electorate as one twelfth of half a million or 42000 people. This is out of a country of 22.8 million. Break down the numbers, including the non-voting population and you are left with 0.18% of the Australian population have elected Bob Brown. He sure makes a big splash for a guy representing almost nothing.

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