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26 Jan 2012

Labor Opposed The GST. Now Giddings Depends On It.

International Yes-Man Kevin And Vacant Lara
Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings may get some accolades for 'taking the hard decisions' but most of Tasmania's problems can be traced back to her. She has been in cabinet for 8 years, has been a premier or deputy premier for 4 years and has been the health minister, attorney general and is also treasurer. Lara Giddings is a typical 21st century political leach. For Lara policy is an intellectual vacuum and integrity belongs to other people. She is just another conservative on autopilot who spends no time resolving contradictions because she can't. 'Administration' for androids like Giddings defaults to permanent damage control as they lunch from one crisis to the next (not a typo). The other parties are the same with varying brand packaging. The only worry in these politicians tiny brains is how they look on TV and if they can remember the next one line slogan delivered to an electorate of (mostly) intellectual pygmies. Pygmies that they carefully nurture in demographic ant farms using state-sponsored sporting events and endless announcements of politically correct jingoism. Of course Lara has taken the Greens along for the ride, however brief it may be. Like her, they are unable to trace their ideological roots back to a utopian Trotskyism they have fine-tuned with gay marriage and kerbside recycling. If you have read this far I'll ask for one thing of you. Please observe the contradictions that you are about to see both in Tasmania and Canberra. At best you will get a laugh, at worst the nation in the Pacific with a Queen in England and 19 parliamentarians for every Tasmanian is about to go broke under the weight of an army of gutless parasites.

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