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2 Dec 2011

Without The Wilderness Society Gunns Would Not Be Clearing The Mill Site Right Now

Collective amnesia is a strange thing. By August 2011 Gunns were broke. They had no money to pay  suppliers and their construction permits for the pulp mill had expired. Then, thanks to the multi million dollar payout from Lara Giddings under the IGA deal, Gunns got the money to start clearing the mill site. Remember that the Intergovernmental Agreement signed by Julia Gillard and Lara Giddings was built entirely on the Statements of Principles-Kelty process. Without the participation of The Wilderness Society, Environment Tasmania and ACF there would be no final agreement or a $59 million pay out to Gunns and Forestry Tasmania. Without the Wilderness Society Labor could not have saved Gunns and Forestry Tasmania from bankruptcy. What started as the ENGO's acceptance of 'a' pulp mill became the recognition in the final document that this was really 'the' pulp mill. Now, TWS is back in the Tamar Valley soliciting donations to fight a pulp mill they had previously agreed to. The pulp mill they said was necessary to ensure a sustainable timber industry in Tasmania. In our view The Wilderness Society is just as corrupt as Gunns. They have milked the pulp mill issue for years. The Wilderness Society disenfranchise local communities by hijacking causes and turning them into donation revenue for themselves. The smiling volunteer behind the counter has no idea how the system works. They are not meant to. How much did the government pay TWS and ET for participating in the forestry deal? How much did they get from Gunns?  When is Kim Booth going to tell his brainwashed followers why he is covering-up the Solicitor Generals legal advice on the Gunns pay out?

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Anonymous said...

Without the support of the GREENS for the Statement of Principles and InterGovernmental Agreement Gunns would not be clearing the site, permits would not have been renewed, ANZ would not have lent Gunns another $200m, $59 million of taxpayers' money would not have landed in Gunns and Forestry's laps, hospital beds would still be in place and conservationists would not be divided just as Gunns and Forestry wanted.