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1 Dec 2011

Why Are The Greens Covering-Up Gunns Compo Advice?

Mercury poll. 82% thought Gunns should get nothing.
The Tasmanian government paid-out around $59 million dollars to Gunns including debts owed to Forestry Tasmania on September 14 2011. The legal advice Giddings used for this controversial gift of public money to a private company has not been released. That's bad enough, but take a guess at who is helping Lara Giddings cover-up this bizarre welfare scheme for millionaire executives paid for by a state shutting-down essential services? The Tasmanian Greens. The sickening part of this possible fraud is that Gunns admitted they did not need to be compensated at all because they had terminated their logging contracts voluntarily. The Greens have acted as whistle blowers in the past but now they have entered into a symbiotic relationship with the logging industry. Without the 'threat' to trees posed by the very people the Greens are helping to keep solvent, they have little more to offer voters that is not already a policy of the other parties.

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Anonymous said...

Symbiotic they are, the Greens and the logging industry. They have become traitors with narrow vision extending to moss in their own back yards. Gunns could not still be batting without them. The LibLabs have their seal of approval for the dirty forest deal. Therefore they have become responsible for entrenchment of Plantation Isle in Tasmanian history.