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3 Nov 2011

Tasmanian Greens Turn Yellow

Cassy O'Connor is trying to distance the Tasmanian Greens from the The Statement of Principles-IGA agreement. She has said talks were happening before her partner Nick McKim began selecting the environmental participants for Bartlett's 'round table' on May 14 2010. This page proves McKim took an active role from day one.
'Greens leader Nick McKim and Resources Minister Bryan Green will make recommendations to the Premier as to who will be seated at the round table'.
There it is in black and white. Green spin-doctors tried to say Bartlett was only moving existing talks into the public sphere. So what if environmentalists were talking to the industry before May 14 2010? Bartlett and McKim then legitimised any existing process into a government sanctioned process that resulted in a $60 million pay day for Gunns Ltd. We used to see Vica Bayley and Paul Oosting at Gunns AGM's every year. Big deal. All Cassy has done is dig the Greens deeper into a hole they cannot get out of. They did the dirty deals, they set-up 'public' talks that traded a pulp mill for forests and they are the ones now paying a very heavy price. Cassy O'Connor is a person that cannot even mange a private vehicle remember?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Keep onto the Greens and exposing them for the dirtiest deal in Tas environmental history. You won't be popular, but some of us have to do this. Then, maybe, the Greens will withdraw support from the deal that has kept the mill and plantation isle alive.