19 Nov 2011

Gunns Core Business - Dole Bludging

Corrupt environment minister Tony Burke gifts millions of dollars of public money to Gunns without even establishing if it is legally required? Australia's most intellectually-challenged minister then claims the Tasmanian coalition government sought legal advice. That supposed legal advice is being covered-up by not only Lara Giddings and Bryan Green but also the five Greens members of Tasmania's parliament. Everybody implicated in this corporate dole bludging scheme at a time when Tasmanians are dying due to closures in the health care system must stand condemned. This was precisely the outcome predicted by the 'Pull Out Pullinger' video we uploaded 3 months before the forestry agreement pay day for Gunns. It was not only Phill Pullinger and Paul Oosting that set-up this fraud but every Green politician in Australia must also stand condemned. That includes Bob Brown and Kim Booth. If Booth had any balls he would come clean with the Tasmanian people and tell us exactly why Gunns was paid with our money.

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