19 Oct 2011

Who Is Tom de Kadt?

Seems quite young doesn't he? Obviously has lived his whole life at a time when Australia's manufacturing took place in China and all Australians ever did was export raw materials. Its very sad we are producing so many talentless consumers with little creative or innovative abilities. Oh yes, Tom de Kadt is also a paid or volunteer Tasmanian Greens 'damage controller'. The problem with Tom is that his damage control does more damage for the Greens than if they had none. For some unknown reason the Greens rely on inexperienced kids to manage their elections and spin departments. You would think a mature party would value experience over theory. Maybe thats where they are going wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt that picture is of the real man. Its usual for Greens staffers and sycophants to hide behind false pseudonyms rather than admit there is really only a couple of them doing all the rubbish opinion pieces. Tom ellison a failed journalist and wannabe politician is one likely candidate and is quite happy to lie about where , who and what he is.