We Can Do Better Than Paywall Mainstream Media

Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media use your subscriptions to turn Australia into a debt-ridden, failed state. They are even covering-up serious sex crimes inside Australia's Parliament House. Paywall media charge you to see ads while Google charge you not to see ads. Paywall media also give you sanitized news. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

14 Oct 2011

Occupy Greed Street. Gunns, The Examiner, Southern Cross, KPMG, Tasmanian Government

No better example of corporate greed than right here in Tasmania. On this little island we have corrupt, greed-driven corporations actively working against the population for their own rotten agendas. They transfer our money to each others bank accounts while shutting down essential services like surgical wards and police stations. They are crooked lawyers and judges who dismiss each others criminal charges so the guilty go free while innocent people are sent to prison. They set-up fake investigative bodies and agencies. They are owned by the same banks and investment funds and they have the same maggots on each other's boards. They have bought-out the political parties and turned the peoples representatives into fucked-up sock puppets. Its time we cleaned-up these bastards.

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