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1 Oct 2011

Ivan Dean Responds To Tas Times North*


Less than 2 weeks after being briefed by Gunns, the Upper House voted AGAINST the $276 million IGA deal. That includes Ivan Dean, who admitted here to arranging the briefing on behalf of Gunns. Dean is one of Gunns most strident supporters. How criminal is it for Gunns to coerce $34.5 million of taxpayers funds under the 'forest peace agreement' and then ORDER Tasmania's Upper House to reject the agreement AFTER they had got the cash? This is criminal behavior. Its time to dump the secrecy Ivan Dean, Rosemary Armitage and Kerry Finch. Lets have the REAL story as OUR elected representatives and not as Gunns sock puppets?
* Now called 'Inside Tasmania'.
 Comment received from Ivan Dean
The special Gunns briefing was for all northern members and to say Ruth Forrest was not invited is false and misleading. In fact it is nothing short of lieing but then contributors to these columns are pretty good at manufacturing information and stories. Ruth Forrest was emailed 4 times and with all emails reaching the members office. Another member also emailed Ruth and there were discussions between Ruth and other members. I find it insulting that the person responsible for this comment did not have the ability and or capacity to contact me to get my position. However, having said that I can understand why they wouldnt because it would have destroyed their story line and that just wouldn't do! The credability of the responsible person in this case is 'zilch'. I would hope that a correction is made to the original comment. I should say also that there was no 'coercion' session with Gunns simply up-dating members on their position. Not all that attended were supporters of the mill. Ivan Dean MLC


Anonymous said...

This is not the first time (with the pulp mill) Ivan Dean as gone beyond his designated role as an objective elected member of the public to an outright lobbyist for Gunns and its Pulp Mill. I've said it before, when it comes to the pulp mill the only thing Ivan Dean is independent of is his constituents. Thats why he was thrown out as Mayor of Launceston and thats why his primary vote was down by 2000 votes at the last upper house election. His response to TTN is rude, abusive and unbecoming of a civic leader. Shame on you Ivan Dean.

Ivan Dean said...

It absolutely intrigues me when we have people who will stoop to any level to malign a company and individuals without any evidence whatsoever. Why not contact me? Gunns were very open with their discussion. There were no conditions placed by Gunns and none of the information was provided in confidence. It was made clear at the beginning of the meeting that members could use the information in any way they chose. I reiterate it was not provided on a confidential basis. Please contact me and or any attendee if you want the true facts of the meeting. I get truly disappointed with the ethical standards of some people. Ivan Dean MLC

Anonymous said...

What i'd like to know from Mr Dean is whether that thing crawling around on the top of his head is dead or alive?
Can you confirm Mr Dean if it was formerly a pet cat you procured from the RSPCA?
If it is alive Mr Dean can you confirm if you are using hairspray on it? If so dont you think its a little bit cruel to spraying a cat with Gossamer hairspray and carrying it around on your head?

Anonymous said...

So Ivan Dean is disappointed with some people's ethical standards but not with Gunns ethical standards? Have it you way Ivan. Have your fucked-up busted ass company that runs at a loss and bludges from working Australians.

Wayne Kerr said...

Why doesnt Ivan Dean just publish a summary of his meeting with Gunns here. Easy peezy Ivan.