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12 Sept 2011

Ivan Dean Fails To Invite Ruth Forrest To Gunns Office

What about the leaked emails Ivan?
On Thursday 15 September Ivan Dean and Tony Fletcher are hosting a little coercion session at Gunns head office to swing the Tasmanian Legislative Council behind the 'IGA' (Inter Governmental Agreement). This agreement is just a taxpayer funded top-up scheme for Gunns. Interestingly, another great advocate for the IGA is Nick McKim and the Tasmanian Greens. Were all the Northern members of Tasmania's upper house invited to Ivan and Tony's little arm twisting workshop? No they weren't. Ruth Forrest who represents Murchison on the West Coast did not get an invite. Ruth voted against Gunns pulp mill so maybe Ivan thought she didn't need to worship at Gunns head office.
This is from a Tamar Valley resident
It is high time the hardworking Tasmanian Tax Payers said how they feel about their tax dollars being paid to Gunns for returning Permits they do not want, can not now use, and did not pay any money for.  Gunns ruthlessly and unmercifully sold out or closed down most income earning facilities available to Tasmanian logging contractors who now face loss of assets, in most cases partly paid for, which will be seized in lieu of ongoing payments unable to be met.On the other hand Gunns have thousands of hectares of land and plantation timber here and on the mainland, have operating woodchip mills in Victoria and West Australia, sawmills in South Australia all earning $millions per annum income, We are appealing to all Tasmanian Tax Payers to speak out and prevent the Tasmanian Government from compensating this wingeing mismanaged Australia wide company with any Tasmanian dollars whatsoever. We should however use the already allocated $23million to allow logging contractors to exit the industry with dignity, and also to establish reliable shipping to Bell Bay so Tasmanian Industries can expand with confidence and create more local employment.


Ivan Dean said...

The special Gunns briefing was for all northern members and to say Ruth Forrest was not invited is false and misleading. In fact it is nothing short of lieing but then contributors to these columns are pretty good at manufacturing information and stories. Ruth Forrest was emailed 4 times and with all emails reaching the members office. Another member also emailed Ruth and there were discussions between Ruth and other members. I find it insulting that the person responsible for this comment did not have the ability and or capacity to contact me to get my position. However, having said that I can understand why they wouldnt because it would have destroyed their story line and that just wouldn't do! The credability of the responsible person in this case is 'zilch'. I would hope that a correction is made to the original comment. I should say also that there was no 'coercion' session with Gunns simply up-dating members on their position. Not all that attended were supporters of the mill. Ivan Dean MLC

Anonymous said...

Ivan Dean cant spell lying. Hardly surprising when politicians are banned from saying the words lie, liars, lying, lied etc. I wonder why?

I would point out to Ivan Dean that the credibility of Gunns and Tasmania's Government is 'zilch' in the eyes of the electorate.