24 Sept 2011

Gunns Using New Media To Promote Old Media

Websites, blogs, flash movies, TV and multimedia are all used by Gunns to promote old fashioned wood pulp.
 In a world where pulp mills are closing because of falling magazine and newsprint sales, Gunns spends its time producing digital propaganda promoting a dying commodity. Not only are Gunns admitting their product is almost worthless, even by their standards, but by embracing 'new media' they are leaving a permanent record of their hypocrisy. Its exactly the same as using telephones to promote carrier pigeons. Gunns are controlled by some very cynical people. Gunns chairman Chris Newman is also a director of  'Southern Cross Austereo' That explains the Gunns bias in Tasmania on Southern Cross television. So what about the Launceston Examiner? Stay tuned!

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