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17 Aug 2011

Dumb Pawns Of Forestry MIS Tax Avoidance - Bayley & Pullinger

Vica Bayley
CONSERVATION groups lobbied the Liberal Party to support the forest agreement, including the controversial multi-million-dollar compensation to Gunns, it has been revealed. Just two years after Gunns dropped legal action against defendants in the Gunns 20 case the conservation groups and a union tried to persuade Liberal leader Will Hodgman and Opposition forestry spokesman Peter Gutwein to support the Intergovernmental Agreement.It is understood attendees at the meeting late last month were the Wilderness Society spokesman Vica Bayley, Environment Tasmania director Phil Pullinger, Australian Conservation Foundation forest campaigner Lindsay Hesketh and Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union national president Jane Calvert. Mr Hodgman said the meeting had been called at the groups' request.
COMMENT. The Tasmanian Liberals are more devious than the forest agreement cheer squad that pestered them to support compensating Gunns. Hodgman's Libs would do anything for Gunns as long as Gunns were donating money to the Libs. Now Gunns are broke and the Libs are pretending to hold the high moral ground.
Bayley and Pullinger's enviro groups are still soliciting donations to fight Gunns, so this is just one group of crooks exposing another group of crooks. Bayley, Pullinger and Hesketh's real support comes from the corrupt politicians that want the Forestry Managed Investment Schemes to continue. Gunns is the only remaining conduit for this tax avoidance cash. The enviro charities wouldn't know that because they don't pay tax themselves. They too are a tax deduction. Have you ever wondered why Forestry MIS is still a tax write-off today even after all the MIS schemes went broke? Lets see this for what it is?

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