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26 Aug 2011

Are The Tasmanian Enviro Charities Corrupt? New Information

 Environment Tasmania say they are the 'peak body' representing 25 enviro groups. Some are only a few people and some are large, such as The Wilderness Society. One of ET's member groups is 'The North East Bioregional Network'. This Tasmanian 'charity' survives on grants and funding arrangements with logging companies amongst others. They got $55k from multinational logging company Rayonier to regenerate land after pine plantation harvesting near Beaumaris NE Tasmania. (1) Beaumaris is very close to a place called Skyline Tier. They got another $20k from the Federal Government (NRM) in 2009 to do the same thing at Skyline Tier. Amazingly, The Wilderness Society gave them another two grants to rehabilitate logged pine plantations at Skyline Tier. That's 3 different entities funding a charity that uses volunteers to clean-up after a commercial logging operation. North East Bioregional Network is currently negotiating with Gunns to manage tree plantations. Why is The Wilderness Society, a charity funding another charity to regenerate a commercial logging operation? 
Another ET member is 'Ocean Planet'. This Hobart-based not for profit is fully funded by the Federal Government under the 'Caring for our Country' program. Ocean Planet became defensive when asked why ET director Phill Pullinger had agreed to a pulp mill in Tasmania in October 2010. When told the only current pulp mill proposal involves dumping 64,000 tonnes of dioxin-contaminated effluent per day into a Tasmanian fishery, Ocean Planet went silent. This is a big conflict of interest for Ocean Planet, but its an even bigger conflict of interest for Phill Pullinger and Environment Tasmania. ET are getting paid by the Federal Government to represent a Federally funded organisation in talks whose outcome is an agreement signed by the Federal Government. We think this is really the Federal Government funding Ocean Planet to turn a blind eye to the gross chemical contamination of Bass Strait as the result of Gunns proposed pulp mill.
Any amount of dioxin dumped into a marine environment is too much, no matter what our intellectually challenged Federal Environment Minister says. Ocean Planet has been fatally compromised and so has Environment Tasmania.
The most blatant case of conflict of interest we found belongs to The Wilderness Society. The Wilderness Society is a member of Environment Tasmania. Both groups were individually represented in the 'forest peace agreement'. This agreement resulted in multi-million dollar payouts to the logging industry. Phill Pullinger and Paul Oosting (representing TWS at the time) gave their seal of approval for Gunns pulp mill. The Wilderness Society has now given a grant to their own umbrella group to establish a protected marine environment around Tasmania. Remember that TWS is a member of ET and both groups agreed for only pulp mill planned in Tasmania to dump dioxin into Bass Strait.
Why isn't 'Ocean Planet' using their Federal funding to set-up a protected marine environment? What do Ocean Planet do anyway? Why is TWS laundering donated funds through ET? 
TWS proudly trumpet this gross conflict of interest verging on blatant corruption on their site. All the while both groups still solicit donations to fight the pulp mill they have already signed-off on. Its time for a full investigation of Tasmania's out of control enviros.
NOTE. Web pages referenced here have been saved so deleting them is a waste of time.
(1) East_Coast_Fires_Recovery_Final_Report_signed.pdf    page 19

To TWS. How do you think the woman who is your largest donor would view your activities in Tasmania? We know who she is and we know who your second largest donor is as well. They are related to each other. Isn't this exactly the game you have played yourself? We think TWS believe they are unaccountable. They may be in for a rude shock.

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