4 Aug 2011

ALP Lets Gunns Trade While Insolvent

Take a look at who regulates the regulator? The Australian Stock Exchange regulator ASIC has known for 6 months that Gunns Ltd is trading while insolvent and is constantly misleading the exchange. After countless complaints they have done fuck all. Robert McClelland regulates ASIC. Like them, he has received complaint after complaint but ignores them all. He does not even acknowledge receiving them. McClelland is a disgrace. He is typical of the unelected ALP maggots that have usurped their role as public servants to run tax avoidance schemes such as MIS-forestry with criminals like Gunns. The fact McClelland applies the corporations act selectively is a crime against all Australians. Robert McClelland, Julia Gillard and her team of self-confessed 'zombies' are now constantly exploiting honest, hard working Australians for their own psychopathic, greed-driven agendas.

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