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31 Aug 2011

Alex Schaap Must Resign As Director Of The EPA

Alex Schaap
Alex Schaap seems to enjoy his new found attention as an enabler of the dioxin poisoning of the Bass Strait fishery from Gunns lapsed pulp mill proposal. Alex has a background in fish ecology, yet somehow overlooks his own education when it comes to the dumping of 64,000 tonnes of dioxin-contaminated effluent per day into a Tasmanian fishery. Now we see a Tasmanian public servant attempting to retrospectively renew a lapsed permit. Alex has anybody told you this is illegal? If you think otherwise Alex then can you provide us with the EXACT LEGISLATION THAT PERMITS YOU TO RETROSPECTIVELY RENEW GUNNS LAPSED PULP MILL PERMIT?   It's not a huge request Alex, after all we are just trying to save your job.
If you continue to act illegally you will feel the full force of the law. We pay you to protect OUR ENVIRONMENT not to save some bankrupt company of ecological psychopaths from oblivion. Alex, we as Tamar Valley residents request you provide us with the legal basis of your attempt to renew a lapsed permit. Why didn't you decide what 'substantial commencement' was BEFORE the permit expired and not after it expired? Why is Alex Schaap trying to revive a dead project after it has lapsed when the same project was FAST TRACKED by the same government that pays Schaap?


Anonymous said...

Alex Schaap - sad to say - is a product of a Department in deep malaise and under strong political control. That does not absolve Mr Schaap of his actions as EPA Director but it explains his lack of conscience and his easy compliance to do the will of his political masters through his personal assessment that the pulp mill permits were still valid.

Mr Schaap is a recycled senior SES manager within the ranks of DPIPWE and was appointed by the Minister. The independence of the EPA as the environmental watchdog in this State is a regrettable mirage. The organisation is a puppet of DPIPWE and the Minister; Mr Schaap execises no separation of power under environmental protection or pollution control legislation.

For Mr Schaap to rattle the Tasmanian cage would see him out of his highly-paid gatekeepers' job. He is not that sort of individual; he has always been totally obedient to authority. He will always lick the hand that feeds him. He was trained a long time ago through the DPIPWE bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

He also turns a blind eye to bullying and harrassment in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can confirm he did Turn a blind eye to bullying and harassment in the workplace.
He is a bully himself.