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18 Jul 2011

McKim Finally Silences Kim Booth

It's taken 18 months of Labor-Green government, but McKim has finally silenced the last honest politician in the Tasmanian parliament. Booth now obediently mouths the party line. Nick McKim was on ABC here asking for compensation for Gunns. McKim in damage control then claimed he was talking about a 'buy-back' of Gunns saw log quota so they couldn't 'on-sell' the quota. This was a lie because Gunns can't sell the quota without a new player entering the market. Something prohibited by the Statement of Principles. McKim's government has the power (and the numbers) to repeal the legislated saw log quantity at any time, so why does Abetz's legal advice contradict McKim's legal advice? Compensation for Gunns wood supply agreement with public money was the last bastion of credibility Booth was hanging on to. Now its gone.


Anonymous said...

Is this Tom http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/weblog/article/greens-just-want-the-end-of-special-favours-/ the same Tom, a Greens party adviser who replied to purcells letters? http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/weblog/article/dear-nick/

Please tell me he isnt.

If so why was this not declared particularly when the Tasmanian Times has recently cut comments by people (logging industry) it accuses of not declaring relevant professional and political interest?

Tasmanian Times and its Green mates alright.

Burnt Bridges said...

Tom de Kadt screwed-up big time. He offered to give somebody a french kiss over a quote that only came out yesterday.
Yes the Tasmanian Greens MP's have used to word 'compensation' Tom de Kadt.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Hilarious.
Well my comment (as published here) hasnt been published yet on TT but the TT editor has obviously seen it. This disclaimer has now suddenly appeared on TT at the foot of the Tom de Kadt pro green party rant. It was not there when i lodged my original comment -"Tom de Kadt is a Greens Party activist and supporter, who lives and works in Hobart".
Amazing how TT needs a kick in the arse before it discloses around its greenie mates, yet it is very much on the front foot in finding creative ways to use its code of conduct to block its detractors and other persona non grata.
I wonder if my question will be answered?
Is Tom dk also the same Tom, Green Party adviser who responded to Chris Purcell on behalf of the Greens?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tom De Kadt replaced Ronan Lee as McKim's damage controller and clean-up guy.

Anonymous said...

I dont know sir. Perhaps he is. Perhaps if Mr de Kadt reads this he could answer my comment here as it appears the Tasmanian Times do not publish without fear or favour as they so hypocritically claim. You can see my comment (which i thnak you for publishing) is quite reasonable and could not be construed as offensive, yet TT has not published. This confirms TTN's claims about the double game being played by the Tasmanian Times website. The only other local media which comes close in terms of blatant bias is the good old zadge in Launceston. They seem to be pro Liberal party. However i dont think even the zadge can match the bias on TT.

Anonymous said...

The 'Tom' that replied to Chris Purcell was probably 'Tom Allen' who works for the Greens. Tom de Kadt seems to only do damage control jobs for Nick.

Anonymous said...

So many Toms.