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30 Jul 2011

Julia Gillard Can Walk Gum And Chew - The Video

While making this short video - Julia Gillard Can Walk Gum And Chew we became aware of Julia's very large, almost prosthetic ear lobes.  Of course Inside Tasmania was not the first to notice Julia's ear lobes.
There is actually a facbook page called 'Julia Gillard has amazingly large ear lobes'. Naturally we joined immediately. The video really showcases Julia's ear lobes and very pointy nose. So what has Julia Gillard's ears and nose got to do with a reputable site like Inside Tasmania?  Well we are sick of Julia appearing in fluro vests so people think she really does something other than write blank cheques so large corporation can pollute Australia even more. People like Gunns. We don't think this imported bitch even cares about Australia, its landscape, marine ecosystems and its people. Thats why we made 'Julia Gillard Can Walk Gum And Chew'.   


Bob Poole said...

Dear Mr TTNorth - can we ask who writes this stuff. Classic! Say it like it is man, noone else is. Keep this site going as tasmanian times is now captive to the stinking mill lovers.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Tasmanian Times is just so lame nowadays. Your's is so much more cutting edge. Keep the expose's coming. Do you need any donations for the site to keep going?

Anonymous said...

WTF? Imported bitch? What kind of human being are you?

Anonymous said...

WTF? Why can't a continent like Australia have an Australian Prime Minister rather than a shallow, idiotic neo-colonialist idealog that has never eaten damper or spent a night in the bush. She is a clueless hair mannequin and not a red-blooded Australian.