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26 Jul 2011

Greens Reap Karma On Forest Peace Deal

Two pictures tell the story. With the balance of power in the Senate won and the deal signed with Julia a year ago, the Greens seemed on track to achieve environmental outcomes in Tasmania. In May 2010 Nick McKim and [then] Premier Bartlett chose negotiators for their 'forest peace agreement'. It was hyped as the final solution to decades of conflict. Some Greens supporters pointed out there were problems with the plan. It was not transparent, in fact it was totally secretive. It was by invitation only and stacked with Greens mates such as The Wilderness Society, who are members of another seat at the table,  Environment Tasmania. All very cosy and the 'industry' side was just as cosy again. Any Green who questioned the ethics of such an arrangement was viciously silenced by party hacks and enforcers.

Were there any forestry professionals or scientists in these talks? Of course not. They had been excluded from the start. There were no community groups represented in the talks. The future of Tasmanian forestry was outsourced to three charities, a union and some vested interests. It was rotten from day one. A big problem that went unnoticed by the Greens 'group think' was that the state Labor-Green government could conserve any amount of public native forests whenever they wanted to. The 'solution' breached the Greens charter on biodiversity by endorsing monoculture tree plantations to replace the native wood chip industry.

For some idiotic reason the Greens and Labor insisted environmental charities had to hold the logging industries hands first in an 18 months long, $1 million talk-fest. Of course the Labor eco-thugs only wanted votes and 10 second sound bites out of it. They back-stabbed The Greens who got what they deserved.
What will be the Greens next move? Expect more legislative blackmail and horse trading from the Green Senate team and their counterparts in the Tasmanian Labor-Green coalition.

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