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27 Jun 2011

Tasmanian Forest Agreement - Ecological Apartheid

See the video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4bBY2DtTJ4
The deal is simple and over a year old. We will have high conservation value, locked-up 'museum forests' and then we will have degraded, toxic 'pulp wood quarries'. This is the Tasmanian forest future invented by the Greens and the logging industry when they put their empty heads together. They did everything they could not to listen to the rational alternative. All they had to do was get the pulp wood industry out, which is not too hard because the wages are too high in developed countries to compete on the world market anyway. Then they just needed to return to saner, more responsible times when the forests were logged one tree at a time, and used for all of the good things that timber can produce. Paper is not one of them. Its on the same level of ecological destruction as palm oil. So why couldn't the Greens see that? These mistakes spell the end of the Greens as a coherent and rational party. Plunging Tasmania into yet more conflict while attempting to solve an existing conflict is the work of a fool or a madman. Plenty of those in the Greens. The real loggers know where their wealth comes from and they know how to look after it.               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4bBY2DtTJ4

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Anonymous said...

This mistake by the Greens is just like the Carbon Tax. How can the worlds biggest coal exporter only tax locally-burnt coal? Do you see what I mean? The Greens are just idiots.