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17 Jun 2011

Tasmanian Forest Agreement. The Big Bowel Movement.

The Financial Review says the Federal cash dump for the people that have been destroying native forests is only days away.  By next week all the cards could be on the table. You would expect 'NAFI' and 'Timber Communities' to have their hands out for cash yet again but what about Gunns? Have Tasmanian enviro groups helped save Gunns from bankruptcy? Have the two Tasmanian enviro groups been defrauding the Australian public for a year by soliciting donations to oppose a pulp mill they also agreed to in writing? Will the ACCC and the tax office become involved? We understand the first ever complaint to an ethics-integrity commission concerning a Greens minister has been accepted by the Tasmanian Integrity Commission.
The Greens have been sitting on this big egg for months waiting for it to hatch. Time to stand back and WATCH THE SHIT FLY.


Craig said...

I agree with you re TT. Sent the following comment to the tasmanian times website today http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/comments/16535/ but i'm worried it will be censored. I am sending it to your blog just in case.


On this thread we see classic examples of how TT’s editors appalling inconsistencies are confusing TT readers and correspondents.
First we saw the publishing of a comment that alleged the true identity of Jarvis.

That comment then disappered overnight.

This tells us that the TT editors are either deliberately suppressing truth or are incompetent and failed to protect the identity of a contributor (Jarvis) whose contributions are conditional on the protection of his real identity.

Both are problematic. How many people have submitted comments correctly naming Jarvis but have had those comments squashed by the Ed?
Is that ethical?
On the other hand if TT has given a committment to Jarvis to protect his identity why the hell did they publish the comment guessing at his identity, then remove it and in doing so giving away the game?

Then there is the matter of George Harris obscenely abusive #5 comment which on any other day of the week would have been edited to comply with code of conduct. It is infact such an obvious breach of the code that one wonders whether the editor even read the comment before publishing.

What is going here editor?

Posted by Craig on 18/06/11 at 05:04 PM

Anonymous said...

Looks like Linz posted it this time. He deleted my comment
about somebody getting a promotion from the greens after they did a youtube clip that said woodworker was shitting in a forest

Craig said...

Here is another example of Tasmanian Times double standards. Last night i watched 4 Corners on Wilkie and Gambling. I happened to notice former Mercury and ABC journo Phillipa Duncan working for Wilkie. I was unaware of this until now. I have nothing against Duncan. Quite the opposite. Duncan was a strong journo who did some great work for the Merc and Stateline. However i always find it sad when journos go to work for politicians. TT has a long tradition of blowing the whistle on journos who cross over into political offices. Yet i cant recall anything being said about this move. Can you?Isnt it correct that Wilkie is married to Kate Burton who is the sister of Bob Burton, Tuffins co editor? Once again TT shows that it is not immune from the bias and culture of cosiness it so often rails against in others. This is the problem when you set yourself up as the bastion of all things virtuous in news reporting. You look very silly when you are exposed.

Anonymous said...

Ex-mercury journo Michael Stedman in now with the premiers office as well.