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23 Jun 2011

Psycho Enviros. The Wilderness Society & Environment Tasmania

This is Phill Pullinger, a self-proclaimed environmentalist that somehow gets to approve industrial projects. Not just any industrial projects. Phill signed his name to the worlds 3rd largest pulp mill on a very small island in October 2010. Phill's SoP team of inept negotiators felt compelled to sign the agreement again 8 months later. We think Pullinger would sign anything you put in front of him. By June 2011 Pullinger had managed to agree and disagree with the pulp mill he approved in October. Phill Pullinger and Vica Bailey have had more positions on the pulp mill than the Karma Sutra. Pullinger represents a shattered organisation called 'Environment Tasmania'. He also represents ET member group 'The Wilderness Society'. This means Pullinger has agreed to this dirty deal on behalf of both organisations twice. Due to incompetence they released the last agreement on June 23rd and then claimed to 'recall' it. Pullinger's strings are being pulled by Labor asset and compulsive liar Nick McKim. McKim campaigns for same-sex marriage while covering-up sex scandals in his own office. Do you know any of the ET management committee? Tell us all about them if you can?
Simon Branigan, Jenny Cambers-Smith, Louise Crossley, Mark Harrison, Andrew Lohrey, Pete Hay, Vanessa Bleyer, Gerard Castles and Frank Giles.
'Lawyers for Forests' founder Vanessa Bleyer, who claims to oppose Gunns pulp mill is on the board of ET.  Unlike most Tamar Valley residents who had the pulp mill rammed down their throats by Gay and Lennon, Bleyer actually opted-in to the conflict. She bought property in the Tamar years after Gunns had started the pulp mill war, and then appears to have sold-out the people that already lived there. Phill Pullinger and Paul Oosting were both being paid from the same bank account when the talks commenced. These psycho enviros are helping Gunns corporate interests destroy the lives of Tasmanians. TWS and ET deserve to disintegrate. Lets hope they do.

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Anonymous said...

This fucking slime got the agreement wrong. Pullinger can sign it yet again. I bet his right hand is getting sore.