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10 Jun 2011

Environment Tasmania Join The CFMEU and Lara Giddings

Why is an 'environment group' in lock step with the CFMEU and Lara Giddings? These deluded morons agreed to swap public native forests for the Worlds 3rd largest pulp mill. Remember our public native forests are only logged by our Labor-Green government and nobody else. On the left is Emma Anglesee, cheer leader for ET. We were told Environment Tasmania is led by a GP who agreed in writing to a pulp mill that would inevitably expose children to carcinogenic dioxins. Lets get the truth out there once and for all. Phill Pullinger of ET signed an agreement that allows for the daily dioxin poisoning of an Australian fishery. He can connive and obfuscate and claim he only signed an agreement for a new pulp mill in Tasmania, but thats exactly what a new pulp mill in Tasmania will do. It will pump 64,000 tonnes of carcinogenic sewage into an Australian fishery every day. Phill did not make one single exclusion that the pulp mill he agreed to in writing would be any different from the one planned by Gunns. Did Phill Pullinger of ET publically disagree with Lara Giddings and Bill Kelty when they said he agreed to Gunns pulp mill in writing? No he did not.  One of the groups Phill represents is called 'Ocean Planet'. If  'Ocean Planet' supports dioxin poisoning Tasmania's marine ecosystem then what do they oppose? If groups collecting your money to protect your environment have stooped to this level of depravity then what hope is there for future generations?
This is not simply an attack on Dr Phill Pullinger for the hell of it. Phill Pullinger has locked-in a pulp mill regardless of whether Gunns goes into liquidation or not. His criminal negligence has condemned Tasmania to decades of pulp mill conflict without end. And to think the imbecile set out to solve a forest war?


Michael said...

Perhaps ET doesn't really stand for Environment Tasmania?

Tamar Valley 100000 said...

Michael. Would ET stand for 'extra terrestrial'? That Emma Anglesee doesn't look she's from this planet. She is is on their payroll. How much of ET's cash is coming from the wood chip industry?

Anonymous said...

Does Burnt Bridges ever sleep....?

Burnt Bridges said...

Does Burnt Bridges ever sleep....? We run on global time here.